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Energy Services | mig23

Energy Services

Mig23 is also providing a broad range of energy services solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, and energy conservation. In the previous context, it can help you put the pieces together:

– Identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities.

– Develop engineering designs and specifications.

– Manage the project from design to installation to monitoring.

– Arrange for financing.

– Train client company staff and provide ongoing maintenance services.

Furthermore, Mig23 can provide specialized energy services analyses such as:

– Real-time integration and visibility of Building Management Systems, metering subsystems, and asset management applications.

– Automated, real-time analysis and reporting of key performance indicators associated with subsystem operations, energy use, and equipment maintenance management.

– Recommendations for results-oriented energy usage and maintenance program refinements that will enable energy reduction targets to be met or exceeded.

– On-going monitoring of subsystems to continually expand energy conservation efforts and maintenance management improvements for further cost reductions.